We are proud of California

Victory over prop 25

We Are Proud of California Californians have spoken and proposition 25 has been killed. The people of California are tired of being victimized by criminals and then again by politicians. Prop 25 was designed to enable people accused of crimes to be released from jail without the need to post bail. This could, in effect, […]

Happy Memorial Day

Memorial Day 2019

Angela Maxwell Bail Bonds would like to wish everyone a happy Memorial Day. This year as you are all grilling and spending time with family and friends please take a moment to remember the somber reason for this holiday. Remember the men and women of our military that have given their lives in the execution […]

Tax Fraud Information

Tax fraud

Well, tax season is here or as I like to call it “scam season part 1”. There is a lot of fraud going around, and the scammers are getting creative. (If you only knew how many scam calls a day I get…) Anyhoot, I got a call today from someone who said that an attorney […]