Well, tax season is here or as I like to call it “scam season part 1”. There is a lot of fraud going around, and the scammers are getting creative.
(If you only knew how many scam calls a day I get…) Anyhoot, I got a call today from someone who said that an attorney called him and said his nephew was hurt, he was representing him, and he needed to go the bank and FedEx him X-amount of money. The caller found my number and said to me, “I knew you guys would know all about these” Yes. Yes we do; All to well. Not long ago, I received a call from a credit union in Tustin, saying that an elderly lady was trying to withdraw a large amount of cash, in large bills, for her “grandson who was arrested, and she needed to bring this money to a parking lot” to secure his release. Look, if anyone tells you to FedEx money, Western Union, pay cash in large bills, get GreenDot cards, gift cards, meet you in a parking lot, hotel, etc, it’s most likely a scam, especially if you don’t have grandkids, nieces or nephews!!!

The moral of this story is this. These calls are fraud. You will lose your money, and it’s almost always unrecoverable as false addresses are used, and most are based in a foreign country. If you ever have any doubts, please call me 24/7. I can check jail intakes and let you know 100% if someone you know has been arrested.